ORANGE COUNTY, CA – July 10th – 18th | Price $1,299 | COMMUTER PRICE: $650 | ORANGE COUNTY, CA – July 10th – 18th | Price $1,299 | COMMUTER PRICE: $650 | ORANGE COUNTY, CA – July 10th – 18th | Price $1,299 | COMMUTER PRICE: $650 | ORANGE COUNTY, CA – July 10th – 18th | Price $1,299 | COMMUTER PRICE: $650 | ORANGE COUNTY, CA – July 10th – 18th | Price $1,299 | COMMUTER PRICE: $650 |


We want the lifestyle of Jesus to be our lifestyle. It’s both spiritual and practical. We want His culture to be our culture, His priorities to be our priorities, His mission to be our mission to save the lost, revive the saved and activate every person to live a missional lifestyle. Join the Circuit Riders for a 7 day training intensive to grow in your relationship with Jesus, find your mission and be practically equipped to live it out.






Each CR School has four primary focuses: Corporate teaching and worship; Gospel training and evangelism; Movement focus tracks; and skillset breakouts. Each of these aspect are designed to grow your relationship with Jesus, your ability to lead, and give you practical skillsets to live out an effective missional life.


Training is most effective when it is not hypothetical but grounded in real practical application. Each Movement track is designed to equip you to be more effective in your calling, connect with other like-minded young people and be activated into real missional projects.


Do you have passion to reach young people on your campus or in your city? Carry The Love is a movement of young people who are dedicated to reaching the lost and inspiring a generation to love like Jesus.


  • Gain confidence as an evangelist and leader.
  • Learn how to gather believers and the lost.
  • Learn how to build movements to reach your campus or city.
  • Learn how to build teams and unite leaders.
  • And much more.


Do you have a passion to activate women’s voice, identity and purpose? Brave Love Women is a movement and network of women who have decided to be a force of awakening to other women and bring solution to the real need all around them.


  • Gain confidence as an evangelist and communicator.
  • Learn how to gather women and activate them into their purpose.
  • Learn how to identify the need and meet it.
  • Learn how to help women break off inhibitors holding them back in their life.
  • And much more.

Black Voices Movement Description:

Are you a young black leader with a passion to reach and activate this generation? We are a movement of black pioneers focused on gathering and empowering black leaders into their Christ-centered calling, expression, and purpose.


  • Gain confidence as a leader and communicator.
  • Learn the ins and out of the Gospel and how to preach it.
  • Learn how to gather people and create movement in your context.
  • Learn how to lead other into freedom and healing.
  • And much more.

Greenhouse Prayer Room:

Are you a musician, worship leader or prayer leader passionate about worship, prayer, and missions? Greenhouse Prayer Room exists to establish the culture of the house of prayer inside the hearts of a generation.


  • Learn to lead an effective prayer meeting.
  • Learn to establish a culture of intimacy, prayer and worship.
  • Learn how to minister to God’s heart first.
  • Learn how to mobilize others to prayer and worship.
  • And much more. 


We all have different skill-sets that we have natural talent or interest in. Breakouts are dedicated helping you develop your passion and skillset and take it to the next level.


Media Description:

Are you a content creator, designer, videographer or developer passionate about using media to influence the masses for Jesus? The media track is designed to help you increase your skillset, work in team and build projects.


  • Gain confidence in your skillset.
  • Learn the creative process to develop effective media.
  • Learn how to work collaboratively with other creatives and different skillsets.
  • Develop real media projects.
  • And much more.


Are you a musician or worship leader ready to lead others to encounter the presence of God? The music track is designed to help you gain confidence and practical skill in worship.


  • Learn how to lead a room into breakthrough through worship.
  • Learn how to play as a band and grow as a musician.
  • Learn how to write songs that reflect what God is doing in your community.
  • Learn how to develop a culture of worship and excellence.
  • And much more.

Messengers Description:

Do you have passion for leadership, communication and seeing impact? The messenger track is designed to help you grow as a leader, communicator and develop the skillset of catalyzing impact.


  • Gain confidence as a leader.
  • Learn how to develop and communicate a message.
  • Learn how to build teams unto impact.
  • Learn how to activate others and lead them into freedom.
  • And much more.

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How much is tuition and what does that include?

Regular tuition is $1299 USD.

This covers housing and breakfast. You will need to pay for your transportation (flights or gas), lunch and dinner. If you are flying to or from CR School, we will pick you up from the airport and drop you back off on the designated travel days.

We also offer a commuter tuition price of $650. This fee covers your training and gives you access to every session. Commuter price does not include any food, housing or transportation.

To see pricing for our International schools please see the individual application websites.

Do you offer any discounts?

Absolutely! If you pay your $250 USD non-refundable deposit by May 15 you’ll be able to get the Early Bird discount of $200 USD off your tuition. This means your tuition will be $1099 USD total!

If you pay your deposit after May 15, your tuition will be regular price.

I can’t be there for all the days, can I get my tuition partially refunded?

Since our school is only one week long, we ask that you stay for the entire school. Each day is full of worship, activation and community, you won’t want to miss it. We aren’t able to accommodate a day rate or partial tuition if you have scheduling conflicts.

I can’t come to CR Summer School anymore, can I get a refund?

We’re so bummed! Your $250 deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of your tuition you have paid we will be able to refund! Please reach out to us and we can get your refund amount sorted.

How old do I have to be to participate?

Our training is geared toward college students and young adults. If you’re not 18 yet, we ask that you check out our Riders Youth Camp

What airport do I fly into?

OC Summer School: Los Angeles International (LAX), Long Beach Airport (LGB), John Wayne Airport (SNA)

These are the only airports you can book flights to and from! We cannot accommodate pick ups or drop offs at local bus stations or train stations.

We ask that you don’t book your flights until you pay your tuition.