Welcome to the Pipeline!

We have exciting updates stirring within Circuit Riders. Over the past seven years, many of you have been with us at one of our original Circuit Rider Schools, a 21 Project School, Circuit Rider Experience, or a Carry The Love gathering. As you know, we are passionate about the culture and message of Jesus. We believe it must be more than mere knowledge but become an everyday lifestyle.

One of our goals this year is to better equip you and share the storyline of what we are experiencing throughout the nations by supplying you with catalyzing content, inspirational testimonies, and keep you informed with what is happening with the movement.

We are excited to announce “The Pipeline”, an email newsletter that will include a piece of content, an inspiring story and all you need to know this week in 90 seconds or less.

Every Tuesday you’ll receive an email that you can read in 90 seconds or less. We want to say thank you for how you have tracked with us as a movement the last years! It has never been about the movement it’s always been about the message. Let’s live that message together! Also, go check out the new Carry The Love 2020 video!

– The Circuit Rider Team