TOUR 2023

Our Circuit Rider team is getting ready for 2024 tour season and here ARE TWO WAYS YOU CAN GET INVOLVED:


A Circuit Rider team will work with you to build a team, book a venue and unite your campus. Practically, this looks like working with our team for a defined season.


Join a catalyst network to meet like minded leaders and taking part in monthly leadership training online. We will work with you to build a team, host a tour stop and start a movement of prayer, worship and evangelism on your campus. Practically, this looks like working with our team all school year long.

Carry The Love

Carry The Love exists to reach a lost generation with the message of Jesus and activate believers to a lifestyle of love and evangelism across America. The only question is will you Carry The Love?

Black Voices Movement

We’re believing for a generation of young Black men and women who want to see the gospel communicated through their lives. Every year through our Black Voices Tour, we partner with young Black leaders who want to transform their community or HBCU campus with the Gospel. We send our Black Voices team to partner in worship gatherings and evangelistic training to catalyze our generation into gospel action. Are you ready to be a part of a Black Voices gathering?


Every year we partner with women who are ready to unite their campus, community, or church to be awakened and activated to live missional. We send our Brave Love team to unite with you to host a worship and activation focused on catalyzing the women in your context to the action. Are you ready to host a Brave Love gathering?


We are Middle and High School students all in for Jesus. For us, Jesus is the only option, and we will give everything to see our generation saved. We believe the message of Jesus belongs to everyone and if we don’t bring it, who will? Jesus is our best friend. Our schools are our mission field, and now is our time to go. Are you ready to gather your friends and reach your High School?