Gen Z’s Role in God’s Storyline

Brian Barcelona shares the storyline of recent revivals and communicates how Gen Z is part of this storyline at Riders Youth Camp in Dallas, TX in 2022.

Evangelism & Gospel Teaching

Timmy Morgan and Chip Messick teach on the importance of evangelism and why we preach the gospel at Riders Youth Camp in Dallas in 2022. We are taught practical ways to communicate the gospel in various situations.

Culture Shift

Multiple Circuit Riders staff teach on the various messages from the Culture Shift Manual. This includes the Culture of Faith, Culture of the Radical Servant, Culture of the Unoffendable Heart, and Culture of the Courageous Heart of Christ.

Holy Spirit

Joel Bomberger teaches on having relationship with the Holy Spirit at Riders Youth Camp in Dallas, TX in 2022.

Salvation Encounter

Chip Messick teaches on “Salvation Encounter” at Riders Youth Camp in Dallas, TX in 2022.

Clean Break Up

Chip and KJ Messick teach on the topic “Clean Breakup” from the Salvation Encounter Manual at Riders Youth Camp in Dallas, TX in 2022. The Messicks also teach the 4R Tool used by Circuit Riders.

Simple Gospel

KJ Messick teaches on the power and simplicity of the gospel and encourages us to a fully surrendered life to Jesus at Riders Youth Camp in Dallas, TX 2022.

CR Youth Show Episode 2

Chip shares his testimony and his revelation of the power of the Gospel in his life. He uses Romans 5:6-8 to emphasize that Jesus died for us, not because we were good, but in spite of our mess and rebellion. Chip shares that the greatest trick of the enemy is to make...

CR Youth Show Episode 1

Joel Bomberger inspires us to be youth reaching youth. He speaks on 2 Timothy 4 and the charge that Paul gave to Timothy to preach the Gospel in season and out of season. We are challenged to apply that same charge to our lives by pointing our friends to God instead...