Deadline to Register: Friday July 30th

We are a movement of black pioneers focused on gathering and empowering leaders of color into their Christ-centered calling, expression, and purpose. God has commissioned His children from everywhere, to everywhere for the sake of the Gospel. We believe now is the time to lay down our purposes in order to take up His. We will choose to lead our generation with love, solution, and compassionate action.


This is a coming together of family to seek the heart of God as we get activated in our individual and corporate callings. What does God have regarding a movement of explosive empowerment and vision from black voices? How would He position you as a part of that? It is time to shake off hesitation, and to break boxes that culture, or that even we, have placed on our lives. As black voices, we need to come together and diversely express God’s heart through our gifts, influence, voice, and compassionate action.




Orange County, CA


($200 Housing option available for the weekend)

In 2013, God continually pressed on the Circuit Riders community the importance of women being released in their callings. We had a simple gathering of 30 women from across the globe in our Circuit Riders “Garage.” This is where God launched what is currently the Brave Love women’s movement, which spans across different churches and ministries, 33 nations, and has recently engaged over 1,800 women to replicate this message locally. God has used this women’s movement, language, and training way beyond the borders of Circuit Riders and it has become a truly viral and empowering wave throughout the Church.

This Spring of 2021, we had a similar gathering of 50 young Black Voices in Huntington Beach. The result was absolutely electrifying. We were all met by powerful encounter with the heart of God, extravagant friendship between each other, and vision for what the next gospel steps are in our lives.

We are coming together again this August to let this gospel movement of the empowerment of Black voices take off across the globe.

Q. What is the Deadline to Sign Up?

If you are planning to go with the $200 Hotel Option for your accommodations for the weekend, then the deadline to sign up and pay for the hotel is Thursday, July 29th.

Q. Are meals provided? 

Meals are not provided. Please come prepared to cover your own meals out.

Q. What is the cost?

Other than if you choose the $200 housing option, there is no cost to this gathering.

Q. What is the schedule of the weekend? 

Friday August 6th: Arrival Day. 

Saturday August 7th: 10am-12pm Session / 2-5pm Session / 7-9pm Session

Sunday August 8th: 10am-12pm Session / 2-5pm Session / 7-9pm Session

Monday August 9th: Departure Day. 

Q. What is the Housing situation? 

You have 2 different options for Housing. When you sign up, you register with which one you choose. 

  1. You have the option of finding your own housing.
  2. For a $200 payment, we will reserve your stay in a hotel for 3 Nights (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Night). You will be sharing a Queen Bed with 1 other of the same gender in a room of 4 total, which Circuit Riders has booked.

Q. What are the Arrival and Departure days?

Friday August 6th is the Arrival Day, and Monday August 9th is the Departure Day. There will not be formal sessions on these days, so you can book your ticket for any time.

The two full days of Sessions will be from the Morning to the Evening, Saturday & Sunday August 7 & 8. 

Q. What is the Airport & Ground Transportation information?

We are able to provide Airport Pick ups and Drop offs only to those who have registered with our Hotel booking option of $200, and if you book your flights to SNA, LAX, or LGB. This fee covers your shuttle to and from the airport, hotel, and weekend sessions.

If you are arranging your own accommodations, we are not able to provide transportation and we recommend renting a car with others or planning to do an Uber or Lyft service to the sessions.

Q. Are there refunds for the Hotel fee if I’m not able to come?

The complete deadline for any refunds will be two weeks before the event, July 24. Before July 24, we will be able to address refunds on a case by case basis.

Q. Can I plan to stay at the Hotel for Partial or Extended Dates, beyond those 3 nights?

Since we are booking a block of rooms to accommodate guests, we are not able to accommodate any partial or extended hotel stay. We ask that you pay the whole payment for the whole stay of those 3 nights. If you want to stay either earlier, later, or partially, you’ll need to make your own accommodations. Thank you for understanding!

Q. Can I Attend the Black Voices gathering if I am not ethnically Black?

As a Black-specific gathering, we are keeping the attendees to those who are themselves ethnically Black. Please understand this is not in any way to be exclusive, but it is to create a space for Black people to have a unique experience. This also will *not* so much be an environment about learning about some ethnicity-specific issues, but it is more about ministering to and empowering Black leaders. We highly value and need the voices of advocates and those who are passionate about this community! But for this specific gathering, it is particularly for ethnically Black participants.

If you are specifically married or engaged to a Black partner, you are welcome to join as well.

Thank you for understanding!

Q. What is the COVID policy for Black Voices?

 As the mask mandate has lifted in California, we are not requiring masks in our sessions or the hotel rooms that have been booked.